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On the Campaign Trail

In this impromptu interview, I talk about the fact that we need to get rolling again. We need to get kids back to school and folks back to work. And while the economy begins to roll forward, we also need to roll back some of the silly policies that we have been subject to in the last few months. I specifically mention Governor Inslee’s ban on evictions, but I could have talked about so many other things.

Under Governor Inslee, we closed our public schools to be cautious about COVID-19. Fine. But now the word is that “We cannot guarantee that school will be open in the fall”. Disruptions in the school schedule only serve to harm those who are on the margins: moms and dads who count on that school time to work and put bread on the table. And the facts are that children have statistically zero chance of being seriously affected by covid-19.

I could have highlighted the fact that many people are still waiting for their unemployment checks to come in. We are facing a crisis in this state because of inept management of our unemployment trust fund. And further compounding the problem, despite a recent 44 million expenditure on cybersecurity, Washington paid out between 500 million to 1 billion dollars in fraudulent claims. We are still reeling and trying to quantify the loss.

An area that has been rolled back is the ill-fated contact tracing system that Governor Inslee proposed. Governor Inslee had a bit of trouble convincing folks to sign in when they eat at restaurants. Enough already. We do not sign in when we visit Home Depot.

Sign up today to get campaign updates. We appreciate all the volunteers we can get! If you live in the 25th and would like a yard sign, let us know. We can use donations and we covet your prayers.


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