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Cyndy Jacobsen files for State Representative!

Puyallup City Councilwoman Cyndy Jacobsen officially filed today for the State

Representative seat currently held by Representative Chris Gildon who announced last year that he is running for the 25th District State Senate seat.

Cyndy said that right now we especially need clear-thinking leaders who will bring balance back to Olympia, listen to the will of the voters, and navigate wisely through the months ahead.

That’s why, in an environment where many small business owners are losing their livelihoods, Cyndy pushed a resolution in the Puyallup City Council to urge Governor Jay Inslee to allow businesses who are able to operate safely to get back to work.

Her community elected her to the Puyallup City Council, where she has fought to bring a new vision of keeping taxes low, holding government accountable, and dramatically increasing our investment in first responders to make our community safer.

In addition to her service on the City Council, Jacobsen teaches math at the Puyallup Pierce College and is a former accountant.

Cyndy and her husband, Doug, have lived in the 25th district for more than three decades, raised their seven children here and now their eight grandchildren are growing up close to home.

Cyndy is endorsed by Senator Hans Zeiger, Representatives Chris Gildon and Kelly Chambers, County Executive Bruce Dammeier, and Puyallup City Council members Tom Swanson and Jim Kastama.

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