State Senator Hans Zeiger, 25th LD*

For the last three decades Cyndy has worked, lived, and raised a family within the 25th District’s boundaries. In every capacity, she demonstrates practicality, compassion, enthusiasm, and dedication to her community. I have every confidence Cyndy will serve the 25th District well.

County Executive Bruce Dammeier

Cyndy's experience on the City Council prepares her to hit the ground running in Olympia. She knows the issues and how to get things done. She listens and then takes action! She has gotten results while keeping our taxes low. We need Cyndy working for us in the State House!

Puyallup Councilmember Jim Kastama

I have enjoyed working with Cyndy on the Puyallup City Council. I am confident she will bring a high level of analysis and hard work to the State Legislature, and I wholeheartedly endorse her.

Former State Rep. Joyce McDonald, 25th LD

Cyndy Jacobsen cares about the families in the 25th District! Through her work at Pierce College and the City Council, Cyndy has  made it clear that she will stand strong in Olympia, and keep our children safe in their homes and neighborhoods.

State Rep. Chris Gildon, 25th LD*

State Rep. Kelly Chambers, 25th LD


County Councilmember Dave Morell

County Councilwoman Pam Roach

Puyallup Mayor Dean Johnson

Olympia needs elected officials like Cyndy who represent all voters, not just their political party. I have no doubt that Democrats and Republicans will join together and send Cyndy to Olympia empowered with courage, compassion, and truth! 

Former Puyallup Mayor John Knutsen

Former Puyallup Deputy Mayor Tom Swanson

Cyndy’s core principles are that she believes in individuals over institutions, and people over bureaucracies. She knows that the government should work for us, not the other way around. She’ll bring those principles and our voice to Olympia.

Former Puyallup Mayor Rick Hansen